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by Dr. Raymond Robert Fischer

A detailed look at how Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians are nourished by common Jewish Roots. Many believe that this book will become a manifesto of the growing “Roots” movement.

Softcover, 300 pages, generously illustrated

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Product Description

“There are many books about the history of the first church. But The Children of God is the best I have read. I learned things about specific areas where Babylonian mystery religions have infiltrated both Protestantism and Catholicism. With all I have read on the subject, I was shocked at how much institutional religion has merged with paganism. Every Christian in America must read this thorough, yet easily understood book.” (Sid Roth, Director, Messianic Vision Ministries)

“The Children of God is an absolute masterpiece!!!!! Bob Fischer has made a contribution of immense value and significance to the Jewish Roots Movement. We must applaud his extensive research and insightful analysis which has produced a foundational classic for all who seek to be a part of this move of the Spirit in our day.” (Barbara Richmond, Doctor of Religious Education – Director, For Your Glory Ministries)

“A wonderful publication! I was very blessed by the Lord! As an avid reader of ‘Hebrew Roots’ material, I can honestly say that The Children of God is the best summary that I’ve read to date about what God is doing in the ‘Messianic Jewish’ movement and how it can benefit the entire body of Christ.” (Paul Jablonowski – Awareness Ministry – Director Robert Somerville).

“Presenting clear answers to a two millennia enigma, The Children of God is a timely work that signals a bold new drive toward the final demise of Christian anti-Semitism.” (Reuven E. Schmalz, co-author of The Messianic Seal of the Jerusalem Church.”)

Softcover, 300 pages, generously illustrated

Copyright 2011 by Raymond Robert Fischer

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