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by Paul Wilbur

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Recorded live in Jerusalem during the Feast of Passover, 3000 believers from all over the world gathered for this vibrant outpouring of worship. Featuring Israeli folk dancing, an international choir, native instruments, and special guest violinist Maurice Sklar.


  1. Jerusalem of Gold/Ma Tovu (O How Good)
  2. I Lift Up My Eyes
  3. Up To Jerusalem
  4. Shouts of Joy
  5. Sing For Joy In The Lord
  6. Shouts of Joy (Reprise)
  7. Roni, Roni, Bat Zion (Rejoice, Rejoice, Daughter of Zion)
  8. Where Does My Help Come From
  9. Hinei Ma Tov (Behold How Good)
  10. Sing Hallejujah
  11. Stand Up and Give Him The Praise
  12. Baruch Haba (Blessed Is He Who Comes)
  13. Ma Tovu (O How Good)
  14. In Your Presence, O God
  15. Wonderful One
  16. Shalom Jerusalem
  17. Lord, Take Up Thy Throne

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