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Hk Seal GP, Hk Seal SS, Hk Shofar SS, Lp Star w/ Pearl GP, Hk Chai SS, Hk Angel Wing SS, Hk Tree of Life SS, Hk Tree of Life 18K RG, Hoop Crystals Black SS, Hoop Classic 18K GP, Hoop Crystals 18K GP, Hoop Double 18K RG, Hoop Large Cut SS, Hoop Swarovski Cross Crystals, Hoop Plain 18K RG, Stud Swarovski Elements Rnd, Stud WG Diamond Simulated, Stud Swarovski Classic Crystals, Stud Rnd Crystals 14K RG, Stud 7-8 mm Pearl White Freshwater, Stud Star Sheer Opal Sm, Stud Star Twist SS Sm, Stud Star Opal Ctr SS Sm, Stud Star Opal Ctr GP Sm, Stud Rnd or Hrt Blue Opal GP Sm, Hk Oval Pink Crys, Hk Oval Lt Blu Crys, Hk Rnd Blu Sm Crys, Hk Rnd Blk Sm Crys, Hk Oval Med Blk Crys, Hk Oval Med Lt Blu Crys, Hk Oval Med Wht Crys, Stud Sq Gld Rim Crys, Stud Rnd Pearl Crys, Lp Grapes Crys, Hk Blue Opal Lg, Hk Eilat Sm, Hk Blue Opal Sm, 3 Pk Antique GP & Opal, Stud Cupcakes and Jesus, Hk Simply Loved GP, Hk Simply Loved RG, Hk Mother of Pearl Bethlehem, Stud Star Dots SS, Stud Chai SS

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